Back on home turf

21/11/17 & 22/11/17 This is it, home time. Our evening flight left us with the day spare and so we did what Thailand is famous for, payed some Thai ladies to play with me and my head, releasing stresses and tensions making me feel rejuvenated. Our head, shoulder and neck massage was, if anything, an […]

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Going big and going home

19/11/17 & 20/11/17 Flying home on the 21st November, we decided to air on the side of caution and return to Bangkok a few days before our flight in case of any issue. Thankfully, only a small 40 minute delay was the only issue that arose and being an evening flight, there really is not […]

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Sun seeking

17/11/17 & 18/11/17 Before leaving for the island of Phuket, Abi got in a quick morning swim as it would be an unbearable 6 hours for her with entering a body of water. Being a well traveled route, the boats are easily negotiated and after a swap of boat just off the island of Phi […]

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On the pool

15/11/17 & 16/11/17 We made a decision yesterday to prolong our stay on Koh Lanta from 3 to 5 days, however, our current hostel had other ideas being fully booked resulting in a change of location. We struck lucky with our move, traveling further north up the island to a much nice resort with a […]

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Welcome to the jungle

14/11/17 When researching activities to do in Lanta other than the beach, I stumbled across the Lanta Animal Welfare centre. This is exactly what it says in the tin, a charity centre to care, fix and home dogs and cats. They rely heavily on donations and volunteers, offering tours of the centres, opportunities to walk […]

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Koh Lanta

12/11/17 & 13/11/17 12/11/17 Thailand, being very geared up for both competent and incompetent, has regular door to door mini vans that run from Krabi to Koh Lanta, all we needed was the name of our digs. The journey was a breeze at only a few hours, giving us the late afternoon and evening on […]

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Our return to Thailand

11/11/17 Flying to Krabi in the south of Thailand was again like flying to Malaysia; easy. Thailand is heavily set up for tourists as well, making transport from the airport to the town also simple. At the bus station in Krabi town, we were offered another free shuttle to our place of stay and was […]

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Domestic day

10/11/17 With the help of google maps and trip advisor, Abi had drawn up a POA which included a bird park, KL tower and the twin towers by night. First though, we returned to the scene of yesterday’s crime, the KL tower. With the monkey bridge’s entrance adjacent from the KL tower entrance, we wasted […]

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Monkeying around

9/11/17 Not far from our hostel is the 435m high KL tower and as it’s en route to the famous Petronas twin towers, so it was a logical first stop. After checking the price to see how much it was to summit the tower, we headed out for the twin towers. The KL tower is […]

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