Rain day

16/10/17 To wake up and hear the rain hit the windows was a surprising taste of home and a comfort we both missed. It did mean, however, a lazy day. Only thing on the agenda and it’s a biggy, do we or don’t we go to Halong Bay? It wasn’t as simple as a yes […]

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Struggle street 

15/10/17 Hungover! Tired and hungover, dreading the day ahead in the knowledge that we walk the streets of Hanoi exploring. However, Abi was still, how to put it? Bursting doughnuts so was relived when I rose in no state to do much with the day.  No matter how we felt though, this morning we had […]

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Western Night 

14/10/17 An afternoon flight leaves little time pre flight once you take into account travel and arriving early to check in. So other than breakfast nothing happened in the morning before our flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once landed and after a little confusion at border control with which gate to aprroach (depending on your visa […]

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Buddha park 

13/10/17 A key part in man flu is to always casual moan or drop in that you are not fighting fit, however, the man flu contract clearly states that one must not openly admit or say he has the flu. He must only demonstrate with visual clues, hints and sounds that he is knocking on […]

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Man flu – dangerous for women! 

11/10/17 & 12/10/17 Again, we land our day of travel for when we are tired and hungover. Tiredness is always a positive as inevitablly it means sleep and in turn makes the journey quicken. Hungover, however, is a different kettle of fish. Hangover means dehydration and the only way to cure such an illness is […]

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Blue Lagoon 

9/10/17 Wake up, quick body check up. Not hungover but still nursing some of the battle wounds – I’m getting too old for this drinking lark.  It was an early start for the both of us with the alarm ringing at 9am! This early morning will undoubtedly catch up with us, I’m sure of it. […]

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All aboard the struggle bus

8/10/17 After waking up feeling a little fragile, we counted our lucky stars the bus wasn’t till 3. Our new friend Drew on the other hand, 9am bus. Wouldn’t like to be in his shoes. With time to kill our day did not consist of much. Breakfast. A nap. Lunch. Then onto Vang Veing. The […]

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There’s a storm brewing 

6/10/17  Today is the day Abi has been looking forward to since we started organising our trip way back in February. Today is the day we go to Kuang Si Waterfall.  Abi and the Marshall family love water. So much so that if we pass a water feature, both man made or natural, we must […]

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