No train, No gain! 

28/9/17 We plan to head to the north of Thailand (Changi Mai) tomorrow evening, catching the overnight train. So this morning we trundle to the station to book the tickets. We chose the station rather than online as booking sites seem to charge anything between 200-300THB for admin, so the station was a better option […]

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Temples and tourtured soles 

27/9/17 First day in any new city always consists of theses things; Get up late Be disappointed you have wasted half of your first day Rush round so you don’t “waste the day”   Walk hundreds of miles looking at buildings Eat little or no lunch as you do not have time to waste  Get […]

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What’s the capital of Thailand? 

26/9/17  What’s the capital of Thailand? Bangkok! (Punch a male friend in the plumbs!) classic!  Due to last nights festivities, the time spent on the plan was much needed beauty sleep.  Not much thought went into the idea that we are heading to Thailand and it wasn’t until we landed that it came over me, […]

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Goa-ing, Goa-ing, Gone 

25/9/17  Right on que, the rain arrived for our departure from Goa – we seem to only travel in damp conditions. Flying from Goa to Delhi, with an over night stop in Delhi before flying to Bangkok the following afternoon. With little to do other than pack, check-out, eat and travel to the airport, no […]

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Sleep, surf, eat, sleep again. 

24/9/17  Many beers and early hour bedtime made for difficulty exiting the covers at 7.45 this morning. But needs must, I dragged Abi from the bunk, as I found it a little easier because we, well me, I is going surfing. Still bewildered and armed with a little more information of the whereabouts of the […]

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Wild at heart 

23/9/17 Being by the coast, our time in Goa was intended to be spent on the beach. So once again we found ourselves there. This time, north, to the very top of Goa in search of a small and apparently close to deserted beach. On route we we took a slight detour, but not through […]

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Sun, sweat and scorching skin  

22/9/17  Slight change in proceedings today, we head south rather than north but the agenda remains the same, beach. With Ab-Nav fully updated we set off south and sure enough we traveled south. In fact, arrived without a hitch and at the attended destination. A job well done and with two pats on Abi’s back […]

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Hit the Road Jack 

21/9/17 Now we’re talking. 11 hours sleep, no rain, a rental scooter with me at the helm and Abi as navigator (lord help me), we hit the road! First stop, yesterday’s breakfast cafe. In all the trauma of yesterday we didn’t have enough money to pay and he had no chip and pin. We must […]

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Not Go-a-ing Well

20/9/17 6 hours broken sleep on the iron snake we safely arrive in a wet Goa. Straight to the pre-paid taxi both as recommended, 1550INR! Outrageous we thought as we picked ourselves up off the floor in shock, but not a bad price as the journey was over 60 minutes. In hindsight we should have […]

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Knee deep in Mumbai 

19/9/17 Today we left Mumbai, probably a day later than we should have. We planned to take in some of the local architecture, however, with beckoning clouds on the horizon we thought better of it.  As anticipated it soon rained, and sweet heaven did it rain! This rain was coming down in 1 litre size bottles, […]

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