Settled on the Isle of Wight, complete with small flat and teaching jobs, Abigail and I have up sticks and left. The time felt right, kind of a now or never situation I guess, where we leave our enjoyable profession and look to explore. With career’s lined up, mortgage in the bag and two healthy incomes, all was well in the Chail household, making a tough decision tougher. But a decision none the less, to up sticks. That brings us here. This blog, selfish as it sounds, is for me. For me to record my hopefully daily if not weekly ongoings as I move, however, it does allow you to follow. Follow my stories, follow my movements and perhaps follow our footsteps. So with my big boy pants strapped on, my shirt tucked in and my laces tied – I or should I say we, headed for Delhi! Sink or swim!img_5494-1